film production company


Production company focused on creating, developing and producing original content for cinema and online streaming platforms. With genres such as horror thrillers and black humor, we plan to make audiences enjoy new perspectives of Latin American film and TV.



Genre: Fiction Horror/Thriller
Format: Scripted Series
Duration: 45 min
Episodes: 6
Status: A pilot of the project is available
Looking for: Co-producing full length series


The world is in the midst of a pandemic of a virus with extremely strange symptoms, two survivors struggle to stay alive and find answers.


serie web del covid19


Muérete en Casa (Die at Home) is a fiction web series produced during the quarantine lock down of 2020. It first started as a short film and because of it’s great reviews and awards, it later evolved as a web series of 6 episodes.




Genre: Dark Comedy
Format: Scripted Series
Duration: 30 min
Episodes: 8
Status: A bible of the project is available
Looking for: Co-producing full length series


Latin American society is a minefield of ideas, where a public comment can unleash a massive explosion of collective anger. Between the emerging feminist movement and endemic machismo, a fine line has been created between right and abuse.



Tiska and Brisa have a constant confrontation and despite such different ideals they begin an awkward relationship of hate and love.


Soundtrack proposal: Spotify



Genre: Thriller
Format: Feature film
Duration: 70 min
Status: Completely developed
Looking for: Distribution

A Miner, an Astronomer and a City dweller converge in the Atacama Desert.



Genre: Documentary
Format: Feature film
Duration: 50 min
Status: In Post-Production
Looking for: Post-Production funds/Distribution

Without contacts, locations, supporting actors, only 10,000 USD and a lot of determination, a group of four friends and four actors go to the Atacama Desert with a dream to make a film. An unexpected accident changes it all.

For more info on Atacama, you can get the book here.

We are at a tipping point for the market in the Latin American region, a market over saturated with drug traffickers, bland comedies and misery porn that underestimates the spectator. A breath of fresh air is demanded by audiences, for this reason, we want to be a part of this change. The time comes for us to take risks, we believe that we are good candidates for this next step and that we are in the perfect moment.